MALab Acquired a Fully-Customizable Drive-By-Wire Platform

Advanced vehicle platform for research and education

DBW Vehicle Platform @ MALab

MALab Facility and Equipment

Working with our industrial partner, MALab recently just brought a Fully-Customizable Drive-By-Wire Hybrid Ford Fusion to the campus of Texas Tech University. The vehicle is equipped with advanced controllers and algorithms to achieve closed-loop vehicle dynamics control. Meanwhile, the open-access of customized CAN bus provides real-time measurement of vehicle states including throttle, speed, acceleration, fuel economy, etc.

We have also acquired a fast-prototyping real-time simulation platform for algorithm development and validation under various traffic scenarios. The high-performance computing machine allows us to test control designs in a high-fidelity simulation environment before deploying them to the vehicle. Together with the DBW vehicle, we provide a complete suite of research facilities to pursue cutting edge technology for the improvement of vehicle performance in energy, mobility, and safety.

The facilities at MALab will be used primarily to support our research efforts on vehicle system control and driver study. It will also open to prospective undergraduate and graduate students at Whitacre College of Engineering, Texas Tech University. Interested students with proper expertise (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, etc.) please contact Dr. Ma via email.

Yao Ma
Assistant Professor

My research interests focus on control and modeling of intelligent vehicle systems for improvement of efficiency, mobility, and safety.