We seek talents!

Looking for prospective student researchers

Image credit: University Career Center

We are inviting highly motivated students to participate in MALab research activities.

  • One fully funded Ph.D. position is available now. Starting date is spring 2020/fall 2020. Candidate is expected to have a solid control background as well as language (English) proficiency. Hands-on experience is highly valued. The position covers 100% tuition and fees with highly competitive compensation.

  • Master and undergraduate students with strong coding and implementation skills are encouraged to apply for student researchers position, which may be eligible for hourly stipends commensurate with experience.

  • Visiting students and researchers are welcomed as always!

Candidates please send your inquisition with a brief CV to Dr. Ma via email.

Yao Ma
Assistant Professor

My research interests focus on control and modeling of intelligent vehicle systems for improvement of efficiency, mobility, and safety.